mercoledì 5 novembre 2008

Più di 500,00 cappellini per Big Knit mezzo ci sono i nostri!


Hold on to your hats people, and if you don’t have a hat to hold onto, then here’s your chance to get one, for today marks the launch of the Big Knit in Sainsbury’s stores across the land.

As you read this, thousands of little hats are eagerly sat atop of our little bottles waiting for a home. For every behatted bottle you buy innocent and Sainsbury’s will donate 50p to Age Concern to help keep older people warm this winter - providing blankets, hot meals and advice on how to keep their houses warm.

Thanks to your wool wielding skills, over 500,000 hats have been knitted and we’re hoping to raise over £250,000 so it’d be great if you can encourage all your friends, family and Mike the postman to get down their local Sainsbury’s quick sharp and pick themselves up a hat.


Hat’s all for now.

Thanks so much for your help - we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Love from innocent

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